21 DAY FIX (why its the program for me)

These awesome color coded portion control containers are my new best friend. How long have you been trying to measure your food count those calories and all you do is end up frustrated and you loose interest in a week or so. That was so me! Now all I have to do is put my foods in these containers and it takes the guess work out of it for me. If it fits you can eat it, simple as that. The thing I worried about first was, am I going to starve? The answer is no! I feel like I am filling up on great food along with my Shakeology for breakfast, and not a bit hungry. I look down at my plate like, do I really get to eat all this food! The program is so easy to follow and the workouts are amazing! I can feel my body changing already! So if you feel like this is a program for you head on over to my website and check it out!