Getting Back to my routine!!

YEY!! I finally got my Vitamix back after 2 months!!!

So the past 2 months I have been in the process of pcsing (moving) from Fort Richardson Alaska to Fort Campbell Tennessee. We have gone from staying in our empty house in Alaska, to a hotel, to staying with family, to a hotel, back with family, and then back to a hotel, and then an empty house here in Tennessee! Finally we are now living in out home but still in the process of unpacking so we have a million boxes everywhere. I have really missed blogging and I have gotten out of my workout routine and prepping. I am excited to say that today I am starting again! And on the plus side I have a new AMAZING kitchen that I can't wait to sating cooking healthy yummy meals in. We all have crazy things going on in life and stuff that turns our worlds upside down and we fall of track but the best thing to do is pick yourself up and start again!!